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IVG Riberry Lemonade, ejuice, 50/60ml

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Navn: IVG Riberry Lemonade, ejuice, 50/60ml


IVG Ribbery Lemonade er en god smak av lemonade med solbær og skogsbær.

Smaksprofil Solbær, skogsbær, Lemonade, Ice
VgPg Ratio 70/30
Størrelse 50 / 60ml
Nikotin 0mg
Rom for Nicshot 1x10ml

IVG is where your vaping connects you with your drip, love, and passion.

Millions of people around of world, in over 60 countries and across 6 continents, vape IVG, which has been around since 2016. The brand started in the United Kingdom as a side investment project by a CEO of a law firm. Now we’re one of the world’s leading brands offering a wide range of Premium E-liquids to our customers, and we ship hundreds of thousands of products every month worldwide.

These numbers alone can easily suggest IVG is quite a complex organisation. True! But, we keep things very simple, lean and fast. We will use this approach now to tell you what our brand and products are all about.

Smak 1Solbær
Smak 2Ice
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